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Protective sheet on cricket bat fools the HOT SPOT during match


Cricket news HOT SPOT is douged by protective sheet

One of the most common Inventor’s of hot spot David Warrner has now being called to remove the protective sheet/coating from cricket bats he use during matches in order to achieve the accuracy in thermal image results.On the other hand on hot spot Brennan stated that thermal signatures on bats are definately effect’s by thier coatings.

But later on those claims were dismissed by ICC and also the captains from both sides have ignored that any of the player tries to cheat DSR.Brennan had Initially Declined on this debat of DSR,Now his latest statement told us that BBG Sports testify some of the latest bat’s and concluded that thier protective coating reduces the showing of edges on HOT SPOT.

Just Becouse of this coating around the edges of bat for the safety purpose a number of big edges failed to show on Hot Spot during Ashes Series 2013,While Australian channel 9 has Stated that ICC was also investigating about the posibility of silicon type bieng used at the edges of thier bats to fool Hot Spot results.

BBG sports also analysed the central Decisions of HOT SPOT fron the ongoing Ashes series and for now they decided to perchase some of the latest generation cricket bats in order to test them,They also observed that mejority of those bats have wraped arround the edges with Protective coating.

BBG sports also declared that this type of coating only cover the half of the edge of the bat not the entire one.They also believe this causes the front edge of the bat and provide a different thermal sign then the back edge.They also provided the conclusive findings by utilizing newest generation of cricket bats.

However There is very little chance for ICC to enforce such kind of rules while the batsman’s were using these coating from many years ago.However Micheal Clark told that he had the bat with the feature of this coating since he was 12 and this coatind is the essential thing for any bat as it increases the life of any bat.

Believe’s of BBG about Hot Spot

BBG sports also have strong believes that if they ICC wants to achieve optimal results from HOT SPOT then the must have orders to remove these protective coatings from the edges of the bat.Only nutral timber cricket bats are allowed in the ground.

The current Manager of ICC(International Cricket Council) umpires Simon Taufel also told that they have done rendom inspections for past three years and found not a single bat who have used silicon type to douge the BSR.

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